• 22 Weydale Avenue, Scarborough,Yorkshire YO12 6AX
  • 01723 373369
  • info@willowslull.org
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Welcome to Willows Lull Children’s Charity

Willows Lull is a new children’s charity offering respite services for children living with life-limiting & complex needs.

Children who are eligible for overnight Respite Services’ often have to travel long distances to their nearest facility. This places them at a great disadvantage as these children often do not travel well and therefore become extremely distressed. Parents say that although they are desperate for a break it just isn’t practical, often feeling that it is just not worth causing their children further distress, so choose to stay at home with them becoming increasingly exhausted themselves.

Willows Lull also offers support for the whole family including the siblings. Siblings often feel left out, become withdrawn and often struggle at school. Willows Lull also work with other services in the area to help support siblings and their families.

We care about our charity

Can you imagine being told that your baby will always have severe health problems and will continue to need regular medical intervention and constant 24/7 care – with the very real possibility of not reaching their teenage years?

For some families the anticipated arrival of their precious baby needs no imagination – This becomes a reality for them.

Willows Lull is to become a new service in Scarborough offering Respite care to local families of these very children. Will YOU please help us?

Volunteers Required

Become part of our fantastic volunteer team and help support our cause in the community.

Would you consider making us your chosen charity at your workplace? Or would you take a collection tin to your workplace or community to raise money for us?

Our Mission Statement

To relieve the needs of children and young people living within the Yorkshire Coast, East Coast and Ryedale area who are disabled, have special needs or life-limiting conditions and their parents/carers, by the provision of respite, recreational and leisure time activities in order to address their needs

Our Values:

Willows Lull sees itself as:-

Child and family focused – Flexible where ever possible

A service where high standards are always delivered in all we do

Dedicated, caring and compassionate – Non-judgmental of people

Open and honest in our relationships with everyone involved

Caring and respecting each family`s individual needs

Working consultatively with families and promoting family`s rights

Maintaining family`s confidentiality (subject to any safeguarding issues)

Valuing all family`s input to the organisation

Seeking and gaining the respect of other professional colleague

Knowledgeable, with a positive outlook

Independent of statutory services

Our Beliefs:

Willows Lull strongly believes

That respite strengthens the family and the child both mentally and physically.

That the use and involvement of caring respite service creates positive relationships and opportunities that enhance the child’s community participation

That it is the right of all carers to have a life of their own

That it is the right of carers to expect effective support in their valued roles

In the importance of a safe environment where disabled children will be looked after and supported to facilitate their individual medical needs.